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The Inventing Room Gets Pushed Out by Landlord

The one-year old thriving business is looking for a new home

Adam Larkey

The Inventing Room celebrated its first anniversary in a brick-and-mortar on Halloween by giving away treats to all who came by in costume. It wasn't long after that day that chef Ian Kleinman, the Willy Wonka-like mastermind behind the business got an eviction notice from the property management company that runs the building at 2020 Lawrence Street.

"Our sub-lease agreement we had with Lower48 and then with Pops was terminated by the management company when both restaurants broke their leases with the building. Last Thursday, we received a surprising eviction notice to vacate by Thanksgiving," Kleinman shared.

While Kleinman tried to fight the good fight and find a way to stay in his space, an effort that included a court appearance, all he got was a two day extension. "The last day our shop will be open will be Saturday, November 26" the chef explained.

Kleinman is heart-broken. "We built everything in that shop from pieces found on my grandfather's farm in Kansas. We are grateful we had the opportunity to build something special and successful in the Ballpark neighborhood; and we will use the lessons we learned there to help us evolve into an even better concept at the new shop."

Where the new shop will be remains to be seen. All neighborhood and possibilities are being considered as long as the future location matches what the team needs: An area for private parties and one to serve as a small retail outlet. Kleinman hopes to re-open early next year.

For now, those who had parties booked at the shop, they will have them catered by the Inventing Room team in their home. The bustling catering operation that propelled the business in the first place continues as usual through the holiday season. And the Inventing Room Dubai forges ahead: The chef who is leading the operations just left Denver and will host the first holiday parties later this month.

Inventing Room

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