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Colorado Says No Mixing Liquor and Pot in Bars

A big blow to the possibility of smoking marijuana in public places


Last week, restaurants and bars in Denver were considering allowing patrons bring their own weed in the coming months, making the Mile High City the first U.S. city to do that, courtesy of the passage of Proposition 300. The voter-approved initiative could, technically speaking, allow bars, cafes, and other businesses to seek permits for on-premises marijuana use.

The State of Colorado chimed in with bad news a week later. Through the passage of a new rule, there is no way to combine a liquor license, which is granted by the State, with a pot consumption license that would fit under the new City of Denver law. Sure there are many other non-liquor licensed businesses that can still apply and be granted permit in question. Anyone from coffee and tea houses and doughnut shops and yoga studios, plus other non-drinking can apply starting in January 2017, provided they check off all the other caveats of the law.