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White Fence Farm Launches Denver Outpost

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Two other breakfast spots are joining the scene

Early Bird

The widely anticipated Capitol Hill location of the classic White Fence Farm is now open at 9th and Corona. This is not a full blown restaurant but rather a carryout location, similar to the one the company opened this summer in Westminster. Guests will find all the farm favorites including fried chicken, coleslaw, bean salad, pickled beets, mashed potatoes and gravy, mac 'n cheese, plus desserts like farm fresh pies, homemade fudge, brownies and corn fritters. Farm meals and value packs as well as a new item, the chicken wrap, are available. Another White Fence Farm will be opening at 703 South Colorado Boulevard.

Early Bird launched its second Denver-area outpost at The Landmark in Greenwood Village. The business, which got started in Westminster in 2012, serves breakfast, lunch, drinks and coffee, seven days a week from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. The menu includes breakfast classics from oatmeal to omelets and huevos rancheros, to smoothies and coffee drinks.

Another breakfast spot, Maddie's is ready to roll in a nicer and bigger space than its original location. Set at 2425 South Downing, in a converted mid-century gas station, the bright venue shows off its diner-like side retro pop art and vintage memorabilia included. There are garage doors, a fireplace, and plenty of room for the kids to play. The restaurant will officially open to the public on Saturday, November 26.