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Massive Gingerbread Creation Unveiled

89 lbs of chocolate, 350 lbs of powder sugar, 286 lbs of egg whites were just the beginning of this beast

Chad Chisholm

Always ready to impress, particularly so during the holiday season, the iconic Broadmoor Resort went completely "off the rails" and created a near full-size steam engine out of gingerbread. The Colorado Springs icon, which also owns and operates the crazy high Pikes Peak Cog Railway (the tracks end at 14,115 feet above sea level at the top of the mountain) baked and assembled a 12-foot-long and 8-foot-high Cog Railway Train complete with Santa Claus inside.

The team that built it was led by The Broadmoor's executive pastry chef Adam Thomas who continued the 31 year tradition of the resort to create outrageous gingerbread structures. If you're wondering how much work this took, it was a lot. Ten master pastry chefs and two carpenters spent an estimated 288 hours to make. Here's what went into it:

89 lbs of chocolate
350 lbs of powder sugar
286 lbs of egg whites
186 lbs of granulated sugar
36 lbs of molasses
24 lbs of honey
215 lbs of all purpose flour
143 lbs of assorted holiday candy
55 lbs of rolling fondant
10 lbs of holiday spice
2 lbs of edible gold leaf

The Broadmoor

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