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Look Inside La Güera, Richard Sandoval's Newest Creation

The former La Biblioteca space got a new look and concept

A master of reinvention and continuous evolution, restaurateur Richard Sandoval changed things up at the space that used to be La Biblioteca at 1610 Little Raven Street. Now called La Güera, which translates to "blonde" in Spanish, this new casual concept is warm, fun, energetic and laid-back all at the same time. "In our case, La Güera is the personification of that friend we all have; one that is always welcoming, hospitable and fun-loving, with boundless energy," Sandoval shared. "This personification is what I wanted the space itself to reflect - approachable, fun and vibrant - inspired by the streets of Mexico."

The space, which threads the line of modern and traditional, has authentic Mexican elements including altars, religious folk art, and a wall that is covered floor-to-ceiling in votive candles. In the spring, two large garage doors will be added, welcoming the outside in. La Güera offers affordable Mexican street foods with a creative twist for lunch and dinner daily.

Eater photographer Adam Larkey brings a photo tour of the new venue.