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Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey, in Running Mode

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The Frasca owner put another marathon under his belt

Courtesy of Frasca Food and Wine

If you are used to the incredible Bobby Stuckey of Frasca Food and Wine in a sharp suit and tie, you are in for a surprise: Stuckey in his running gear, worn down after a grueling morning. A committed long-distance runner and veteran of several marathons, Stuckey was one of the thousands of participants in the NYC Marathon yesterday. The celebrated master sommelier who also counts Pizzeria Locale and the soon-to-open Tavernetta in his restaurant group, was joined in the race by Colorado wine importer Craig Lewis.

Stuckey made it to the finish line with a 3:04:07 time and Lewis, an ex pro cyclist, crushed it a 2:58:24. Post-race, as this photo was being taken, these two wine experts discussed cracking open an ice-cold Anchor Steam, a ritual of Stuckey's at his Boulder restaurant after a busy dinner service. Later in the day, the two joined several Frasca alums who run the ship at Manhattan's very popular restaurant, Charlie Bird.