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Cafe Aion Switched to All Spanish Wines

The Boulder restaurant makes an identity statement

Cafe Aion

Cafe Aion is committed to standing out in the rising sea of new and older restaurants in the Denver and Boulder. Part of the DNA of the Boulder restaurant is its Spanish influence. Chef and owner Dakota Soifer takes great pride in the seasonal selection of tapas and the 60 lbs of paella rice that he cooks there every week. The next step in defining what his six year old spot is all about was the wine list, which is now 100% Spanish.

Among the options, there are indigenous varietals grown in the regions that bring culinary inspiration to the menu. The list is designed for sampling by the glass, but bottles are also available. Look for Tempranillo, Grenacha, Albarino, and Txakoli and lesser known ones like Merseguera, Mencia and Godello. Bonus: Check out the selection of sherries and dry Basque-style ciders available on the menu as well.

Cafe Aion serves dinner