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Old-School Chinese Spot Dragon Cafe Shutters

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No more cheap and quick lo-mein noodles for this centrally-located strip mall


Open for more than a decade, Dragon Cafe, a Chinese a casual spot located off 6th and Clayton closed its doors for good. From a small quirky space, the staff at this eatery offered to-go and delivery Chinese food. Guests found all the basics that Americans are used to ordering from sesame tofu, to Mongolian beef, to spring rolls, crab wontons, and Chicken lo-mein.

The neighborhood that Dragon Café called home lacks in casual options that cater to the food obsessed. The space is now vacant and the right tenant has a captive audience.

For those seeking Chinese food in Denver, Eater's handy guide to where to get your Chinese fix should be a good start. Also, for an ultra special experience, this month only, Departure is offering a whole Peking duck as a special holiday dish. Pro tip: If you're heart is set on having this dish, be sure to pre-order when you make your reservation.