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Diners Dig Denver Central Market's Vibe Despite the Trendiness

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See what the online community is saying about the buzzing new spot

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Denver Central Market
Denver Central Market

The Buzz Around the Neighborhood: Locals praise the market's delicious variety of "wonderful treasures both for food and adventure" available at the market's shops. The marketplace combines "fancy foods with a posh cattle car feel." Other TripAdvisor users enjoy the "vibrant and interesting" assortment of businesses and asserted that the Curtis Park market has to potential to "become the coolest place ever." [TripAdvisor]

One of America's Best Food Halls: In the recent article "Eating Your Way Through American's Best Food Halls," Vogue notes that the marketplace combines elements of "a gourmet food emporium and community meeting place to the heart of Colorado's capital city." Suggesting to end a trip to the marketplace on a sparkling note, reporter Michaela Trimble recommends hitting Curio, the market's central space, last for cocktails like the Fancypants - a citric concoction of vodka, lime, and champagne. [Vogue]

High Prices for High End Vibe: While Facebook reviewers enjoyed the marketplace's atmosphere, the food vendor's upscale prices dissuade some diners from returning. The food hall's fluctuating noise levels also posed a problem to few. However, even those disappointed with their experience appreciate the "creative" and "well restored" space. [Facebook]

Denver Central - and Cramped - Market: Some Google reviewers found the market's warehouse space too cramped for the ambitious eleven vendor concept. While most acknowledged that the vendors were "decent," Denver Central Market's setup left one diner to wonder "honestly who needs a tiny produce market that sells tomatoes, lettuce and onion, or another place to buy high end pastas imported directly from Italy?" [Google Reviews]

The Problem with Hipster Appeal: The refurbished food hall along the increasingly faux-artsy Larimer Street adds a SoDoSoPa-like element to the growing neighborhood. The hall's emphasis on craft goods and specialty foods attracts both of Denver's trend-setting and trend-following demographics. According to one Yelp reviewer, the market is overrun by the "[c]ultural locust[s]" and "young 'hip' families" known to take over developing downtown communities. [Yelp!]

The Denver Central Market

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