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Green Eggs and Ham Are Real at This Dr. Seuss-Themed Spot

You can have it for breakfast later this month


Sammy's Breakfast Bar will be opening its doors on Wednesday, December 14 in Fort Collins, 9News reported. The theme of the new attraction, Dr. Seuss, came about unintentionally when the owners pursued a color scheme that looked straight of a Dr. Seuss story. That combined with the name they had already selected made for what became a Dr. Seuss-centric spot, complete with some Seussian art and menu items reminiscent of the iconic rhymed stories.

Outside of green eggs and ham, Sammy's Breakfast Bar serves unique breakfast sandwiches, classic brunch drinks like Bloody Marys and mimosas, specialty coffee drinks, and a variety of sweet and savory fare that will make you want to return to the whimsical space.

The casual morning eatery will serve breakfast and brunch daily from its space at 4613 South Mason Street in Midtown Fort Collins, where South China restaurant operated for nearly 21 years before calling it quits earlier this year.