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Holiday PSA on Beer and Life

The Indian Hills sign strikes again

Indian Hills Community Center

Tensions run high during the holiday season and the more tools one has to deal with the pressures of family and get-togethers, the better. The Indian Hills sign is a never-ending source of wisdom and puns and the latest display on the beloved community board is so on-point that we thought we'd share. Cool beers, cool tempers, great holidays for all.

Last spring, the sign brought about some drama and controversy when the message displayed was not to the liking of some passers-by who were vegan. The original phrase said "Turning vegan would be a big missed steak," a pun that could make most at least smirk. Two women driving by, however, were not fans so they took it upon themselves to rearrange the letters on the sign to read:"Turning Vegan Is Awesome." They also removed some letters, prompting a search for the sign vandals. All was well in the end.