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Secret High End Dining Experience Segretto Comes to Life

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Chefs Max Mackissock and Blake Edmunds will make your culinary fantasies come true

What if you could have two of Denver's most talented chefs cook only for you and a small group of your friends in an intimate space where sky's the limit? Segretto is what makes that happen. Brainchild of chefs Max Mackissock and Blake Edmunds, the pop-up-meets-private-dining endeavor is a make-your-own-adventure opportunity that happens in a hidden amber-hued room above Bar Dough.

Segretto, a play on "secret" in Spanish, is a chance to share an intimate dining experience with a small group of friends, eight ideally, up to ten if needed. "It is about the space and having a private dining experience," Mackissock said. "From there, we can take it wherever people want to go. It can be a family-style format with a custom menu; it can be a tasting menu style based on our dishes from Bar Dough, or it can be a unique fine dining situation where Blake and I create dishes like the ones Adam [Larkey] took photos of."

The draw of this new kind of experience is the chance to truly customize a night based on the kind of crowd you're entertaining: wine drinkers, adventurous eaters, cocktail aficionados can all be accommodated and catered to by Mackissock and his team. What will this set you back? $150 per person is the starting point. All days but Sundays and Mondays are fair game and the best way to get started is to get a hold of chef Mackissock at Bar Dough.

These are the dishes pictured here, photographer by Adam Larkey: Prawn and leek with cucumber variations; poached chicken with squash brodo, squash mostarda, foie gras vinaigrette; King crab, variations of apple, osetra caviar, and crab emulsion; charred parsnip, with parsnip pudding, cured scallop, and fines herb powder; ribeye cap with foraged mushroom duxelles, braised shallot, and black trumpet mousse.

Bar Dough

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