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The Broncos Had Chicken Parm on The Way to the Super Bowl

There was also steak and chicken fajita wraps and candy bars and chips.


The Denver Broncos left for Santa Clara, California on Sunday, January 31 on a custom-painted United Airlines plane that matches Colorado's #unitedinorange vibe. The team is gearing up for what is likely the last game of Peyton Manning's career, Super Bowl 50. Fans are watching and scrutinizing every move of the players and what they eat seems critical in the preparation process.

Pre-departure on the two hour and 13 minutes flight, according to 9News, the Denver team was served a chicken parmesan sandwich. Then came the entree choices, which included seared New York steak with wild mushroom sauce, Anna potatoes (thinly sliced), haricots verts, and carrots, as well as a chicken fajita wrap with fiesta rice, beans, sour cream, and salsa. An assortment  of cheese and crackers, bananas  and purple grapes,  hummus, cold veggies, candy bars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, plus chips were also part of the munchies offered.

There is no evidence that Manning had anything to do with the planning of the menu, but that "chicken parm you taste so good jingle," makes us and 9News wonder.