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Tacos and Tequila Emporium Matador Plans Fort Collins Outpost

The tequila and Tex Mex taqueria will open up shop in FoCo at the end of the month.


Seattle-based Matador, which opened a first Denver location on 32nd Avenue in 2013, is wrapping up construction at its upcoming Fort Collins outpost. The adult-centric tequila and taco concept owned by Nathan Opper and Zak Melange will launch at 341 E. Foothills Parkway at the end of this month.

As Matador Fort Collins materializes in the coming weeks, the hiring process is underway and the finishing design touches are currently bestowed upon the freestanding space. Fort Collins diners can expect fixtures familiar to the existing locations: rustic Gothic-swayed design details, a vast selection of tequilas, and an approachable, comforting Tex Mex-influenced menu.