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Humble Pie Opened Quietly on Sunday

Love (and the smell of freshly baked pies) will be in the air this Valentine's Day.

Humble Pie Store
Humble Pie Store

Preparations for the brand new storefront of Humble Pie at 3550 East Colfax Avenue have been in the works for what feels like ages now, and there is finally an end in sight. The Humble Pie Store will open to the public ever-so-quietly on Valentine's Day.

The pie emporium is unique not only for its popular creations but also for its bar program— there's no other dedicated pie store around these parts that serves mixologist-approved, apothecary-inspired cocktails meant to complement flavors in the pies. There is also a full menu of sweet and savory items, coffee and tea service, and a dedicated staff that is training up all weekend to get ready for you.

A new neon Humble Pie sign lights the way on this once seedy stretch of Colfax, next door to popular new beer spot Cerebral Brewing. Opening hours will be 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. starting next week.

The Humble Pie Store

300 Elati St, Denver, CO 80223 (720) 479-8690 Visit Website