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Peyton Manning Deserves Craft Beer Not Bud

Post-Super Bowl winning comments, the Brewers Association sent the star quarterback a care package.

Photo by Anthony J. Causi)

Coloradans may have been elated with the Broncos victory in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, but many furrowed a brow at quarterback Peyton Manning's liberal endorsement of corporate Bud beer in his post-game comments. Living in the land of microbrews, the Napa Valley of beer as many call Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins triangle, one would expect Manning's taste to be more refined.

Without making any proclamation on the quality of Manning's preference, the Brewers Association threw together a care package that may enlighten the record-breaking sports player. Colorado brews but also classic and approachable options from around the country were included alongside a letter of congratulations and appreciation for his hard work.

Wonder what he got? Here's the list:

There is certainly one more beer Manning needs to try, the Oatmaha from Factotum, a brew inspired by his now legendary play-calls.

What else should Manning sample from Denver's vast beer choices?