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The Ramen Mafia Brings Slurp, Ramen Pop-Up

The feast will honor Ando Momofuku's birthday.

Ramen Mafia

The inventor of instant ramen, Ando Momofuku, would celebrate his birthday on March 5, and this is giving ramen-lovers everywhere a reason to rejoice. In Denver, an elusive outfit known as the Ramen Mafia is materializing in the form of a "secret" SLURP ramen pop-up cart on South Broadway to sedate the masses with steaming bowls of ramen.

In conjunction with Frolic & Vamp Events, the Ramen Mafia is selling tickets online for the pop-up event on March 5 from 2 to 6 p.m. Four seating times will be available with 25 "seats" per round. Ramen options include pork or chicken broth, vegan broth, and even a dessert ramen option, with plenty of additional add-ons and ingredients for the adventurous type. Be sure to buy your tickets early, as space is very limited and the event will sell out.