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Breakfast Week Starts Right This Very Second

Tell us how you like your eggs and we'll tell you where to get the best ones.

Cinnamon rolls at the Butcher Block Cafe
Cinnamon rolls at the Butcher Block Cafe
Rachel Greiman

Welcome to Eater's first-ever Breakfast Week. Starting right now and lasting through Friday evening, Eater Denver (and the rest of the Eater universe) will be obsessing over breakfast and brunch. Every day this week, you will find maps, guides, photo galleries, breakfast features galore, and more.

All of our Breakfast Week stories will be on this page. We'll also be posting in the usual places — FacebookTwitter, and our growing Instagram account. We'd love to see your breakfast photos on Instagram: just add the hashtags #eaterdenver and #breakfastweek to your best shots, and we'll be regramming some of our favorites.

Got any breakfast intel you must share? Drop us a line through the tipline, leave a comment below, or start a conversation in the forums.