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Stapleton Location of Wystone Tea Just Launched

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High tea, food, tea cocktails, and more.

Wystone's Belmar Location
Wystone's Belmar Location
Belmar Development

Wystone's Northfield, a tea house replaced the Grubbery in Stapleton this weekend. Wystone's had a business association with the Grubbery before, but now the company is following its model at the other two locations, Wystone's Belmar in Lakewood and Wystone's Blue Bear Cafe, located inside the Colorado Convention Center.

The Stapleton outpost is open for breakfast (starting at 6:30 a.m.!), lunch and dinner seven days a week. Guests can enjoy any-time tea trays all day, gentlemen' tea trays, kids' tea trays, as well as tea infused cocktails, teas sold by the cup and the ounce.

Wystone's Northfield

4880 Havana St, Denver, CO 80239, USA