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Celebrated Denver Chefs Share Their Perfect Breakfast

Long hours and lots of time in the kitchen demands these kinds of morning treats.


In honor of Breakfast Week, we asked some of Denver's most celebrated chefs what is their perfect breakfast. What we got was everything from oatmeal to famed NYC bagels.

Lon Symensma of ChoLonCho77: Corned beef hash with poached eggs does the trick for me with hot sauces and a side of cottage cheese. I'll take a fresh biscuit too! Softened butter for the biscuit if you want to get technical.

Alex Seidel of FruitionMercantile Dining & Provision: Classic eggs Benedict with roasted potatoes and a side of bacon is my number.

Jen Jasinski of Rioja, Stoic & Genuine, Euclid Hall, Bistro Vendome: Any breakfast I am not making myself. Max [MacKissock, her husband] makes me a guanciale sweet potato hash with poblano peppers and eggs that I would eat every day.

Troy Guard of TAGGuard & GraceLos ChingonesBubuSugarmill: Loco moco Hawaiian style with kimchi on the side.

Steve Redzikowski of Acorn, Oak at Fourteenth, Brider: I'm super simple when I am home and just go with fresh orange juice, scrambled eggs, bacon, English muffin, and hot sauce. In a perfect world, it would be an everything bagel with egg, sausage, and cheese from Murray's in NYC. It rivals any breakfast and many four star dinner dished that you may have in the city.

Sean Kelly of Desmond's Bar & Grill: Smoked salmon bagel works for me. I am not an egg man.

Frank Bonanno of MizunaLucaBonesLou's Food BarOsteria Marco:  After the boys are dropped off and Jacqueline [Bonanno, his wife] is headed out for her day, a perfect breakfast is 20 minutes alone in the kitchen at my house to center myself for the day. French press coffee, heavy on the milk, and oatmeal. Start by caramelizing bananas in honey, then add the milk & oats, top with pecans and eat while reading the Denver Post.

Lachlan Patterson of Frasca Food and WinePizzeria Locale:  Coffee, raw local honey, blueberries, wheat toast, peanut butter, granola and seven whole grain nuggets. These things in some combination each day. Rarely do I eat anything else in the mornings.

Fruition Restaurant

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Stoic & Genuine

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Osteria Marco

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Mercantile Dining and Provision

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Pizzeria Locale

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Frasca Food and Wine

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