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Twenty-Eight Year Old Jus Cookin's Shuttered

The family owned restaurant served its last fried chicken.

Jus Cookin's
Jus Cookin's
The Daily Meal

Nearly three decades old, Steve and Char Modlich's Jus Cookin's closed its doors in Lakewood, Westword reported. The home-style eatery that got its start in Aurora and moved to 840 Tabor Street in Lakewood in 2004 was known for its fried chicken, but also made regulars with comfort food dishes like chicken soup, chicken salad sandwiches, and chicken-fried steak, among others.

This is only one of several staple restaurants that have recently shuttered in Denver. Thirty-three year old Trinity Grille has served its last meal in Downtown last weekendforty-nine year old Andre's at the end of 2015, and Tom's Home Cookin' closed after nearly 17 years at the beginning of December.