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Bartenders Share Their Best Hangover Breakfasts

24 ways to get relief in the morning after a night of drinking.


Kamuran Mataraci, Hop Alley: A strong pot of black tea, lots of cold water, and an Italian combo sandwich.

Sean Kenyon, Williams & Graham, the Occidental: Northside Rancheros at Revelry Kitchen. Chilaquiles, Huevos Rancheros, or Migas usually do me right - spice and fat kid food.

Bryan Dayton, Acorn, Oak at Fourteenth, Brider: Village Coffee Shop in Boulder - two eggs over easy, with hash browns! They have pebble ice with the Coke it's a life saver when hungover.

Mike Henderson, Edible Beats Group: Food wise, it's a fried egg sandwich with avocado, tomato, onion, and mayo whether I'm at home or going out. If it's on a croissant even better. Drink wise, the ideal setup would be a double macchiato and a bourbon milk punch if I can get one. If not, then it's a red snapper in a short glass. The idea of a Bloody/snapper always sounds good at brunch but about half way through I'm usually over it and ready for something else.

Chad Michael George, The Way Back: Steak and eggs at Steuben's with a Margarita. The most important part is the Margarita.

Mclain Hedges, RiNo Yacht Club: As of late, Onefold's rice congee! Rich, hearty, savory, texturally amazing...the closest this to grits a Southern boy could ask for! For a real bad one, Butcher Block Cafe bacon plate with a side of biscuits and a few cups of coffee.

Ky Belk, Linger: Biscuits and gravy with cheese grits and red beans at Lucille's.  Been my go-to since like 1989.

James Lee, The Bitterbar: Kimchi fried rice with thinly sliced spam. I learned this dish in Hawaii.

Daryl Pryor, Star Bar, Mercantile Dining & ProvisionA red snapper (gin Bloody Mary) and a bowl of spicy ramen. Followed swiftly by a nap.

Rob Corbari, The Populist, Bar FaustoRight now, it's Breakfast King green chili burrito with a single pancake on the side. But it's so rare that I'm ever hungover!

Alex Parks, Acorn: Two eggs and a piece of fruit. Then a workout. I'm getting old.

Alex Lerman, the Green Russell: When I'm really hungover I usually eat something like the smothered breakfast burrito supreme from Pete's kitchen and a bunch of black coffee.  If I'm cooking at home, I'll make a huge breakfast of eggs, toast, and fruit along with some Advil and whole lot of water. Enough to put me in a food coma, so when I wake up I'm back to 100%.

Kevin Burke, Colt & Gray, Ste. Ellie: McDonald's sausage McMuffin. To drink, 1 1/2oz peychaud bitters, 12 oz Mexican Coke, and the juice of half a lemon.

Kelly Wooldridge, MizunaI'm lucky enough to have an immersion circulator at home; so a 75 degree egg on toast with Cholula chased with an Underberg

Haylee Ortiz, Baur's: A big glass of ice cold juice, usually apple. I crave The Franklin at the Denver Biscuit Company on a regular basis but any form of biscuits and gravy with hot sauce, grits, country ham, collard greens - Southern food in general with a glass of bubbles, after you chug the juice.

Les Baker, Star Bar: For a bad hangerover, I always go to Corvus for a pour over and then Karma on Broadway for food.  If it's really bad, I order Karma to deliver to me. My fiancé and I do this ever time.

Carly Raemer, Golden Moom Speak: If I’m going out: the zucchini pancake from Dae Gee or the spicy tofu bahn mi from Vinh Xuong Bakery.  At home: Avocado anything and lots of Sriracha.

Nate Maston, Oak at Fourteenth: It's all about pancakes! I go to Snooze and order the flight always something different, with a side of potatoes. And I usually put it down with a full pot of coffee.

Noah Heaney, Golden Moon Speak: Coffee, grapefruit juice, and Santiago's breakfast burritos with spicy green chili.

Austin Carson, Mizuna: If I'm hungover breakfast isn't a thing. I like a chicken Parmesan sandwich, a Dr. Pepper and ice cream. No idea why. If someone manages to drag my lifeless body out into the world when breakfast is served it's Eggs Benedict without question.

Mary Allison Wright, RiNo Yacht Club: Love the squares of American cheese on my eggs at Butcher Block. The sight alone makes me feel better.

Stuart Jensen, Mercantile Dining & Provision: My favorite breakfast when I'm hungover is chilaquiles with a fried egg on top.  If I'm feeling really industrious, I'll make them at home because I'm pretty particular and it's one of the things that I love making from my days spent working in kitchens. But let's be honest, if I'm hungover I'm probably going to be lazy and go out for them. If I have the luxury of curing my hangover with a drink, my best case scenario is a shot of tequila, a shot of sangrita and a Corona.

Allison Anderson, Frasca Food and Wine: First, 10 ounces of hot water with lemon and liquid B12. Then well-chilled Champagne, heavily buttered scrambled eggs and a silent prayer for mercy and forgiveness.

Alex Daniluk, Union Lodge 1: I like to make or more likely go buy pancakes with as much fruit and syrup as I can physically stack on top. Also, I'll settle my stomach with mimosas, definitely not Bloody Marys.