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Organic Creamery Heifer and the Hen Rises Next to BRU

Chef Ian Clark is expanding his repertoire in Boulder.

Heifer and the Hen
Heifer and the Hen
Courtesy of Ian Clark

Chef and brewer extraordinaire Ian Clark is expanding his reach in Boulder with ice cream emporium Heifer and the Hen. Located next to BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats at 5290 Arapahoe, the new organic creamery is slated to open its doors in April.

When it launches, this ode to frozen treats will feature 20 ice cream flavors, 8 dairy-free and sorbet options, as well as a float bar and a variety of ice cream sandwiches. Clark's flavors are inspired by the classics, think mint-basil bitter chocolate or Vietnamese coffee, but also more esoteric ones like goat milk cajeta, whiskey ginger, and mango lassi. In the ice cream sandwich category, guests will find items like the Belgian waffle with maple bacon ice cream and bahn mi with burnt honey ice cream and roasted almonds. A float bar will feature playful swings where foamy housemade sodas with a big scoop of creamy ice cream floating on top will be a highlight.

Heifer and the Hen will be open daily from 12 to 9 p.m.