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Pastry Queen Nadine Donovan Launches New Menu at ACE

Four stunning new desserts will take care of that sugar craving.

Go Go Saigon
Go Go Saigon
Kari Cummings

A new dessert menu made its debut at Uptown's popular Ace. This is the largest menu change since pastry chef Nadine Donovan, formerly of Old Major, has joined the team Secret Sauce team. Pictured above is the Go-Go Saigon, a creation made of chocolate espresso mousse, caramelized condensed milk, and crunchy coffee meringue.

What else is there? The Yuzu Dreamsicle: creamy citrus semifreddo, orange milk crumb and szechuan gelee.

The Blossom Tart: crispy puff pastry, sake infused apples, Chinese cinnamon ice cream, cider-honey foam.

And the housemade Chocolate Bon Bons whose flavors will change regularly.  Current flavors are:  passion fruit caramel, Thai tea and chocolate sesame.


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