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Seafood Centric Ocean To Plate Coming to Uptown

This is the brick and mortar project from the owners of the

Lobster Bliss
Lobster Bliss

The owners of the Lobster Bliss food truck, Rich Manzo and Jeff Reebie, are opening a restaurant, the Denver Post reported. Set in the Uptown neighborhood, next to D Bar at 444 East 19th Avenue, the upcoming attraction is called Ocean to Plate and it is slated to open by Labor Day.

A seafood emporium, the 2,400 square foot eatery that will seat 80 seats inside and 36 seats outside, will highlight a great raw bar with oysters, clams, crudos, and ceviche, as well as an interactive cooking station with steam kettles to prepare mussels, cioppino, and other shellfish creations in front of diners. And of course there will be lobster rolls, and also lobster tacos and lobster crepes, plus a good selection of beer, wine, and more.