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Arvada's School House Rallies to Help Staff with Fundraiser

A fire closed the popular eatery and bar for the time being.

Fire Drill Shirt
Fire Drill Shirt
School House

Earlier this month, School House Kitchen and Libations, a popular Arvada restaurant and bar had to shutter after a kitchen fire. The closure is only temporary, but the staff at the restaurant is out of work for the time being. Which is why owner Scott Spears launched a community fundraising effort to help his staff during this transitionary time.

Those who want to help, can purchase Fire Drill t-shirts, in a variety of shapes and sizes. All the money will go towards a fund for the staff. Put your order in online here. Below is the message Spears posted on his website about the fundraiser:

As many of you know, we had a small fire in our kitchen that has forced us to close for a (hopefully) short amount of time. While we work with our insurance companies and try to get re-built, the answer that we are still waiting for is what is going to happen to our staff during this closure. We are hopeful that the insurance companies are going to cover a portion, if not all of their pay, but we are not yet sure. Even if they do, many of our staff members make most of their money from tips, which we are sure the insurance companies will not completely cover. To try to help our amazing staff and their families, we are selling these "School House Fire Drill" t-shirts and putting all of the profits in a fund that will be divided among many of them. We will continue putting the profits into this fund until we are back open. None of this money that is being brought in is going toward any of the rebuild, loss of business, food product replacement, etc.. All of the profits are going to our School House family.

We are taking pre-orders on this site for the next week. We will then print all the pre-ordered shirts and will email you to let you know when you can come and pick up your shirts. We will be printing extra shirts and will continue sales until further notice. Thanks for helping out our School House family and we hope to see you very soon!

Scott Spears
Owner | School House Kitchen and Libations