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Denver Breweries Strike Up Super Bowl Wagers with North Carolina Rivals

Breweries in Denver and North Carolina just upped the ante on the Superbowl.

Spangalang brewer Austin Wiley preparing the orange crushsicle
Spangalang brewer Austin Wiley preparing the orange crushsicle

Super Bowl week-end is upon us and the excitement is tangible in Denver. Folks are busy digging out that old seven-layer dip recipe, making reservations to one of the best places to watch the gameordering their party takeout, and in some cases, placing bets. A few hometown breweries have upped the ante in the Denver/Carolina rivalry, and things are about to get interesting.

  • Little Machine Beer is the closest Colorado brewery in direct proximity of Sport's Authority Field, and as such has taken on the role of diligent cheerleader to Denver's beloved Broncos. The brewery entered into a wager with Wooden Robot Brewery, located six miles away from Bank of America stadium in North Carolina. These breweries both craft beer under a robot-themed guise. In the event of a Panthers win, one of the head brewers at Little Machine will have to pay an embarrassing tribute to Cam Newton by dressing as Superman and performing an undisclosed physical challenge. If things are right with the world and the Broncos win the Superbowl, the head brewer at Wooden Robot must dress as a sheriff to honor Peyton Manning's nickname.
  • Meanwhile, Spangalang Brewery in Five Points and Fullsteam Brewery in Durham, NC have entered into a Super Beer Wager as well. The brewery associated with the losing team will be required per the terms of the bet to brew and name a batch of beer of the winning brewery's choosing, showcasing the ingredients and qualities of the winner's state. Upon tapping the beer, the losing brewery will also have to fly a flag of the winning team in the taproom for one week or until the beer is gone, whichever comes first. One possible name for the Spangalang custom-brewed beer for Fullsteam should the Broncos prevail is "Cam's Kryptonite."
  • The next big rivalry brewing is between Strange Craft Beer Co. and NoDa Brewing of Charlotte, NC. The winning team will be owed shipments of beer from the losing brewery, as well as the satisfaction of seeing the brewer of the losing team don the jersey of the winning quarterback. The terms of the wager also include a donation made to the favorite charity of the winning team by the losing team.
  • Lone Tree Brewery will be taking on Sycamore Brewery based out of Charlotte, NC in a Super Beer wager. The terms of the bet will ultimately support either the Colorado Horse rescue or Panther Rescue, to honor the mascot of the winning team. The losing brewery team will also receive a case of beer from the winner in which to drown its sorrows, in addition to the embarrassment of wearing the enemy's colors and drinking Coors Banquet while being photographed. Ouch.

Lone Tree Brewery Co.

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Spangalang Brewery

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Strange Brewing Company

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Little Machine Beer

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