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Farmer Girl Expands with Lyons Brick and Mortar

Chef Tim Payne launched his eatery at Avanti Food and Beverage last year.

Farmer Girl in Lyons
Farmer Girl in Lyons

Tim Payne, the man behind Farmer Girl, is opening a brick and mortar of the Avanti-born eatery in Lyons on Thursday, Februrary 4, the Denver Post reported. The new restaurant will be centered on organic foods made from locally produced ingredients. The chef is no stranger to owning a free-standing restaurant: He previously owned Terroir, a farm-to-table restaurant in Longmont. He is committed to keeping his space at Avanti through the end of the lease.

The new 2,500 square foot space in Lyons is located at 432 Main Street and has previously housed Gateway Cafe. Farmer Girl will launch with a menu that includes grilled pork shoulder with spaghetti squash, greens and apple salad; pan-roasted chicken with spatzle and Brussels sprouts; and an open-faced steak tartine sandwich.