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Denver Bronco Vernon Davis Shares Favorite Restaurants and Diet Regimen

Here's where the star player dines out, what he eats to be strong for the big games, and how he changes his diet during the off-season.

Vernon Davis
Vernon Davis
Bleacher Report

The Denver Broncos are busy preparing for Super Bowl 50 in California this week, but Number 80, Vernon Davis, took the time to share thoughts on his favorite restaurants in the Mile High City, his smoothie-loaded diet before games, and his off-season lower carb regimen.

What is your go-to restaurant in Colorado? There are so many amazing places to eat in Denver, which was a pleasant surprise. I would have to say ChoLon is my go-to right now. The chef's attention to detail, fresh ingredients, and obvious passion for creating amazing cuisine keeps me coming back. True Food Kitchen is another staple for meals out.

If you were going out for a special evening, where would you take your date? I would probably take my wife to Duo. It has amazing food and a really unique cabin-like atmosphere.

Is there one restaurant that everyone visiting Denver absolutely cannot miss? ChoLon!

What is your biggest food indulgence? Well, I've got a few. I love smoothies. I'm always on the run -  practice, games, appearances or my kids events. I like the fact that I can maintain a healthy diet with a smoothie that is packed with protein, vitamins, and nutrients. Smoothies are like my healthy milkshake!

What kind of a diet do you follow during the football season? During the football season I try to double-up on carbs and protein because I burn so many calories during practice and games. You tend to lose five or six pounds (sometimes more) during training camp, so it's important to carb-up to maintain a healthy playing weight. I typically eat five to six meals a day, including a vegetable, carb and protein in at least half of them. Before bed, I very seldom eat carbs, but will have a high alkaline vegetable and protein the last meal of the day. I normally have a Jamba Juice smoothie about two hours after breakfast. These days I stick to the Superfood and Whole Food Nutrition Smoothies. The Acai Berry Charger gives me great energy for practice.

How is that different from the off-season? In the off-season, I try to focus on eating a bit lighter and I cut my carbs down significantly. While off-season training is still very demanding, I'm not at the training facility - the office-  the entire day. I also don't work out every day, like I do during the season. I focus on my flexibility, consuming a healthy amount of antioxidants, and sticking more to a fish and veggie diet.

Are there foods you absolutely will not eat because of dislikes or allergies? much as I would love to, I can't eat shellfish. I have been allergic to shellfish my entire life and will swell up like a blow fish if I do!

Is there a special diet you follow now before the Super Bowl? I try not to switch things up too much. The key to making sure your body performs the same, week after week, is consistency in your diet. One game day secret that I will share is that I normally have a Protein Berry Workout smoothie before games with a side shot of ginger to wake up my system!

What is your diet advice for someone who wants to be in pro athlete shape? Stick to colorful foods  - mostly fruits and veggies-  stay away from processed foods high in sugar and try to limit red meat to one meal a month. Listen to your body, because no one diet works for everyone. As you grow bigger, stronger and faster, your body's needs will change. And finally, never focus on changing just your diet. Rather, focus on changing your eating habits and lifestyle. Lifestyles and habits tend to stick longer than fly-by-night diets.