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Everybody Panic: Pot-Infused Cuisine Is Trending

From a full-blown sensory pot experience at the X Games to a famous chef's special brownies.

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Native Roots cannabis paired and infused dinner
Native Roots cannabis paired and infused dinner

In our pot-friendly state, edibles are finally getting their due. Last week, during the  Aspen X Games, well-known dispensary Native Roots brought a one-of-a-kind culinary cannabis experience. In partnership with electronic music sensation Big Gigantic, Native Roots Tree House in Aspen hosted a fancy marijuana paired and infused dinner curated by chef Chris Lanter of Cache Cache and Ben Parsons of Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery.

Top Chef season 5 winner chef Hosea Rosenberg has also jumped on the cannabis train. Rosenberg has been leading the culinary side of several of the luxe and sensory Mason Jar events, like the Yoga with a View series and a couple full-blown seasonal weed dinners. The Top Chef winner's next cannabis dinner experience is being staged for March. Stay tuned for details.

For the DIY crowd, famed Italian chef Mario Batali released his recipe for double chocolate pot brownies in honor of the Broncos making it to the Super Bowl this year. It is available here. In Batali's words, this is the "Rocky Mountain high option" and it comes with the following disclaimers:

Make sure you purchase from a trusted dispensary. And if you do "indulge," make sure you're not driving and that you're hanging with cool people. Basically, don't do anything stupid.