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Pork Belly Is Still King at Coohills: But Only This Week!

The family-owned restaurant created a special pork belly dish for Denver Restaurant Week only.

The most popular dish Coohills during Denver Restaurant Week is easily the pork belly. When creating it, chefs Tom Coohill and Lucas Chandles drew inspiration from the other components of the dish: baby turnips and kumquats.

"Baby turnips are my favorite early spring produce," Chandler said. "When they start coming, I think, 'Oh, here comes spring!' I wanted to use them and kumquats together because they can give the dish color and brightness."

The pork belly is the perfect protein for that brightness though. It's cured overnight, then braised in milk, seared in oil, and finished with a light caramelized apple demi-glace.

The turnips add a delicate crunch, and the stewed kumquats, a refreshing bite. The whole dish is rounded out with house-made toasted and buttered brioche alongside apple butter.

"Food is hard this time of year, as things are reaching the end of their seasons. But I like this dish because it's representative of what we still have available. I like to be as seasonal as possible and I appreciate the subtle season changes through food."

This dish will only be served during Restaurant Week, ending on March 6.


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