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The White Whale Room Hosts Opening Party; Little Man Brings Beer-Infused Ice Cream

And Weldworks Brewing Company is celebrating its one year anniversary with events spanning over three days.

The White Whale Room
The White Whale Room
Andra Zeppelin

BAKER — On Thursday, March 10 starting at 6 p.m., the While Whale Room is hosting an opening party. Amanda Chamberlain and Taylor Boylston will be spinning vinyl, drinks and snacks will be available to guests to celebrate the spot's opening week.

LOHI — For a whole week starting March 11, Little Man Ice Cream is celebrating Craft Beer Week with brews and ice cream. One brew from four local breweries was chosen to be featured in beer-infused ice creams: Spangalang Caramel Nightwalker (Spangalang Brewery), Blue Moon Orange (Blue Moon Brewing Company), Prost Banana Bread (Prost Brewing Company), and Diebolt Porter Fudge (Diebolt Brewing Company). Details are available here.

GREELEY — Weldworks Brewing Company is celebrating its one year in vusiness with an epic three day lineup of events. From Friday, March 11 through Sunday, March 13, new beer releases, anniversary glassware, a brewer's brunch, and more will be available for fans of the brewery. Specific details can be found on the event's Facebook page.

Little Man Ice Cream

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