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Allegro Coffee Roasters Expands With Boulder Cafe Space

A roastery and coffee shop will launch inside a large Whole Foods Market.

Courtesy of Allegro

Last November, Allegro Coffee Roasters (ACR), a Whole Food-owned operation, opened its first stand-alone flagship café in Denver. Next month, the 30 year old company is expanding its Colorado retail reach, within its parent company, inside Boulder's Pearl Street Whole Foods Market location.

"ACR Boulder is a homecoming for Allegro," explained head roaster Kurt Lausman when talking about the outpost opening on April 1. "Boulder is where we started in the 70s, importing, roasting and brewing coffee for our community," he continued.

The space in the new café features low counters to encourage customer and barista interaction and the roaster production is open so customers can observe the process. Beans roasted on premises will be sold at local Whole Foods Markets.