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Man Dies After Bar Scuffle with Lodo's Bar and Grill Bouncers

Twenty-three year old Sammy Joe Pickel II, who has been in a coma since Saturday night, has passed away.

Lodo's Bar & Grill Westminster
Lodo's Bar & Grill Westminster

A physical altercation involving four bouncers at Westminster's Lodo's Bar and Grill got Sammy Joe Pickel II into a coma on Saturday, March 12, Denver Channel 7 reported. The 23 year old man, who was out on the night of the incident with his girlfriend Suzette Meacham, passed away this morning.

The altercation began, Meacham says, when a woman slapped Pickel on the buttock. When he called her out on it, she returned with four bouncers, one of whom put the man in a chokehold until he passed out and then held on.

None of the bouncers involved were off-duty police officers. The bar's management did not comment on the incident but is cooperating with the police.