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Bottle Service Gets a Serious Makeover at Ophelia's

Not your uncle's overpriced bottle of Absolut

Bartender Mike Henderson, the force behind the bar programs at RootDown, Linger, and Ophelia's, launched a new school bottle service at Ophelia's. The popular Ballpark bar, eatery, and music venue has reimagined the clubby bottle service concept into a more affordable and more craft-friendly endeavor. "We got requests for bottle service at Ophelia's," says Henderson, "and in the end we realized that it is a win-win for our guests and for the bar if we create something that matches our philosophy," he continued.

Bottle Service Gets a Serious Makeover at Ophelia's

What Ophelia's is offering is a customized tray for each bottle that includes complementary spirits and liqueurs, orange, lemon or lime, ice cubes, bitters, and other classic fixings. "Our gin tray, for example, comes with dry vermouth, bitters, high end tonic, and lime," Henderson shared. "Of course, we will get guests other items on special request, but we tried to anticipate their needs and provide the right elements from citrus to nice ice cubes for them to enjoy their drinks."

On the menu, there are three bottles of vodka (from Kettle One to Woody Creek), three bottles of gin (Leopold's Bros. included), seven tequilas and mezcals, and eight bottles of whiskey (including the hip Willett Rye). Additionally, there is a selection of three magnum bottles of Champagne for those ready to keep the bubbles flowing.

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