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Onefold's Mark Nery Responds to Yelp Controversy, Calling One Yelper a 'Little Bitch'

The restaurant's page is suspended but that is not detering the vocal owner from continuing his rants

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The circus that has become Onefold's Yelp page continues. First, it was owner Mark Nery's no-holds-barred replies to one star reviews, ranging from good natured jokes to calling reviewers liars and a 74 year guest an "asshole." After an onslaught of press and buzz ignited by an Eater Denver articleYelp suspended Onefold's page temporarily, a situation that continues today.

Yesterday, Nery updated his reply to what is probably his harshest critic so far, Michael U. Here's the fresh rant:

Comments taken down due to threats by Micheal U (little b!tch) and his "legal team" (ambulance chasers) , however you can read the non-verbatim and non-endorsed response on various publications. Customer may or may have not watched PORN in this establishment as I have no proof. I suspect (if he was which I don't know for certain and is just a purely hypothetical situation) that it was "food porn" and not the type hashtagged on instagram which may or may not involve donuts and guys making their own glaze. Also I have learned that the FBI does not care too much about this type of porn as food doesn't count as a living being in the eyes of the law. I do know one thing for certain my opinion of Micheal U's writing is that it is f*cking horrible which may be due to the overuse of a thesaurus (most likely why his review was posted weeks later after his visit). I would like to suggest to the little b!tch that if you would like to publicly criticize a place that you should be open to criticism yourself and not hire a team of ambulance chasers if your feelings got hurt

Somehow, it feels like this is not the end of this saga.


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