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Godfather’s Pizza Returns After Twenty Years

The popular chain aims to reenter the Denver area later this spring

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Godfather's Pizza, a popular national pizza chain, is returning to the metropolitan Denver area, according to Westword. The Nebraska-based company plans to add a Thornton location at 2350 East 120th Avenue later this spring with a second operation at an undetermined address to follow.

The eatery was established by Willy Theisen following the release of the popular Godfather movie as a "social club" for Theisen and friends in 1973, according to the franchise's website. Noteworthy for its original recipes and niche market, the pies and concept expanded to include more than 640 national locations. After the purchase of the company by a private group headed by former presidential candidate Herman Cain in the 1990's, hundreds of full locations were shut down - including those in Denver.

An express version of Godfather's Pizza still runs at the Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs with another restaurant set to open in Buena Vista. The upcoming Denver franchise will be headed by Cody Wickham, Jake Smith, and Adrienne Wood. Classics like the Bacon Cheeseburger pie and Taco Pie are set to be featured on the upcoming menu, all including the Godfather's trademark thick crust.

Godfather's Pizza

2350 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233, USA