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New Specialty Bakery Gluten Escape Moves to Centennial

Those with allergies and sensitivities can get their bread fix without worries


The Gluten Escape, a bakery owned by Kathy Letson, has recently relocated to Centennial at 7255 S. Havana Street, the Denver Post reported. The business caters specifically to those with allergies and sensitivities to gluten, but also to nuts, sugar, or soy.

Letson uses a flour blend that includes tapioca, sorghum, brown rice, mochiko, arrowroot and potato starch for some of her confections. Right now, she's busy baking Easter cakes, but her shop has everything from graham crackers for S'mores to bread straws for hummus and dips.Guests can place for special orders for a variety of items from pretzel rolls to ciabatta loaves, challah bread, and pizza crusts.