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Five Easter Desserts for the Weekend Celebration

Here's how you should end your Easter feast on Sunday

The Bunny Butt Cake at D Bar
The Bunny Butt Cake at D Bar

D Bar's Bunny Butt

A signature cake, the Bunny Butt is back for Easter at this Uptown spot. There is chocolate frosting, flower decor, and a cute little bunny butt. Other Easter themed treats including decorated cupcakes are also available.

City Bakery's Hazelnut Blueberry Tart

The popular bakery that also operates a breakfast and lunch cafe on Lincoln is offering a special hazelnut blueberry tart just for Easter. The chocoholics should also snag a slice of the Marjolaine.

The Blackberry Creme Pie at Humble Pie

The new pie emporium is finally open on Colfax and this new location boasts everything from coffee and cocktails to an extensive selection of pies. Try the Blackberry Creme for your Easter celebration. Apple and chocolate chess pies are also available.

Bunny Cookies from Black Eye Coffee

The Cap Hill location of Black Eye Coffee is offering these good sugar cookies with royal icing created by pastry chef Alicia Luther. A variety of savory tarts will also be available this weekend along with the usual sweet baked items.

The Drunken Nut Pie at the Long I Pie

A creation that combines bourbon with chocolate and pecan, the drunken nut can be ordered regular or gluten free. Pie queen Shauna Lott is offering several other holiday pies including the Honey Flower (salted honey lavender) and Grandma's Pie (spiced cranberry apple).