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Twenty Four Coffee Deals Come With the Fika Passport

The program starts on April 1

Black Eye Coffee Cap Hill
Black Eye Coffee Cap Hill
Adam Larkey

The creators of the Denver Passport, a program that gives those who buy it deals on cocktails at some of the best bars in town, have turned their attention to coffee. The Fika Passport is now out offering holders 2 for 1 coffee specials at 24 hot local coffee spots, including Black Eye Coffee Cap HillStowaway Coffee, Crema Coffee House, and Sweet Bloom.

Here's how it works: From April 1 through October 1, present the $20 Passport to the barista at one of the participating coffee shops for the appropriate caffeinated deal. At checkout, the booklet will be stamped. The Fika Passport can be purchased online where a complete list of participating businesses is also available.