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Native Foods Tells Superdelegate Jared Polis to Feel The Bern

The Boulder Congressman got a note handed to him at the cafe


Boulder's location of vegan spot Native Foods slipped Colorado Congressman Jared Polis a note to go along with his takeout order on Easter Sunday. Here's what it said:

"The constituency has spoken. Use your power wisely. Feel the Bern. With the utmost respect, Native Foods. Happy Easter!"

Polis tweeted the note to his some 35K followers with the message: Even my food takeout is lobbying me for #FeelTheBern. It has been retweeted 145 times so far.

As a member of Congress, Polis is Democratic superdelegate. He has publicly endorsed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the party's primary. Senator Bernie Sanders won Colorado's caucus and in Boulder, part of the district Polis represents, he received 63% of the votes.

A statement from the California-based Native Foods obtained by the Daily Camera said the following: "We certainly appreciate the enthusiasm and passion of our team members, but it's important that everyone knows they are welcome at Native Foods and we embrace differing points of view."

Native Foods Café

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