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Casual Tstreet Roadhouse Opens at Belmar on Wednesday

There will be burgers, beer, and good times

Teller Street at Belmar
Teller Street at Belmar

Tstreet Roadhouse on Teller Street, a new restaurant from the Roadhouse Hospitality Group will open on Wednesday, March 30 on Teller Street in Belmar. The new venture, brainchild of brothers Terry, Dan, Mike, and John Shipp, is casual and inspired by Colorado's roadhouse culture. That means that the menu is eclectic and approachable with everything from a signature burger to flatbreads and salads, plus oysters, steak and fish, and the like.

The design is contemporary and simple featuring a cool color palette and urban finishes meant to make customers feel comfortable and at ease as if they're sitting in a chef's gourmet home kitchen.

Roadhouse Hospitality Group operates 18 restaurants around the state including the classic Spanky's Urban Roadhouse by DU and the new Roadhouse Boulder Depot.