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Two Parts Launches the Denver Mug Club; Elevation Beer Unveils Freestyle Series

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Plus wine and whiskey dinners you don't want to miss

Frico Caldo at Frasca Food and Wine
Frico Caldo at Frasca Food and Wine
Adam Larkey

BERKELEY Two Parts launches the Denver Mug Club, a monthly subscription service, on April 1 at Call to Arms Brewing Company. The traditional mug club is turned on its head now through the promotion of Denver's burgeoning craft beer scene. A dresser-sized beer shrine will be held at a selected brewery each month filled with numbered stoneware mugs. Limited to 100 members, each member will receive a corresponding number and mug for a monthly $10 subscription fee. Members can use their mug for a free first fill, discounts on fills beyond the first, and access to one special Mug Club meetup at each stop. Meetups additionally feature special tappings, private tours, and discounts. To join the Denver Mug Club and view the club schedule, visit their website.

WASHINGTON PARK — Join Blackbird Denver Thursday, March 31 for an educational event around 291 Colorado Whiskey. Five whiskeys and bourbons will be featured at the event. Following the tasting, a three course dinner that will include dishes like jerk spiced chicken and seared pork chop will be paired with three 291 cocktails. Tickets can be purchased here.

PONCHA SPRINGS — Elevation Beer has announced a new "Freestyle Series" of beer. Focused on experimentation with ingredients and style, each beer will be released in 750 ml capped bottles with individual, unique label designs. The first beer of the series launches in April across Colorado and in limited quantities across Arizona, Texas, and Seattle, Washington.

BOULDER Frasca Food & Wine hosts its weekly Monday Night Wine Dinner April 4 with Jacopo Bacci of the winery Castello di Bossi. Pours include a 15-year old red Sant' Elena Merlot from Friuli, as well as a 20-year old red, Cantina Vignaioli Barbaresco. A four course prix fixe dinner is offered every Monday for $50 per person. Optional wine pairings range between $40 and $50. Reservations can be made at 303.442.6966.


36 State Street, , CA 93101 (805) 882-0135 Visit Website

Call to Arms Brewing Company

4526 Tennyson Street, , CO 80212 (720) 328-8258 Visit Website

Frasca Food and Wine

1738 Pearl Street, , CO 80302 (303) 442-6966 Visit Website

Elevation Beer

115 Pahlone Pkwy, Salida, CO 81201, USA