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Sneak Peek Into the Brand New Masterpiece Kitchen in Lowry

Chef Justin Brunson is growing his reach to a new part of town.

Masterpiece Kitchen, a full-service restaurant and bar brainchild of chef Justin Brunson, will be open to the public in Lowry next week. The new attraction brings a menu inspired by Masterpiece Deli, Old Major, and Royal Rooster offerings. There are Masterpiece Deli staples like the truffle egg salad, ahi tuna and the Cubano, dinner plates like Old Major's fried chicken, but also new iterations of favorites like nachos, meatballs, and chicken wings. Bonus: An interactive kids menu is offered.

The interior features custom installations, rollup garage doors, an inside/outside bar, and an oversized patio for spring and summertime use with table and bar seating, couches and a fire-pit lounge area.

Masterpiece Kitchen will be open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, with brunch service on the weekends.