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The Must-Have Fried Chicken at the New Grind Kitchen + Watering Hole

Only a month into serving, Grind is already turning out some of Denver's best fried chicken.

"It's a dramatic version of fried chicken. The portions are overwhelming, you get a cool little bottle of hot sauce and housemade pickles—you're not going to find chicken dishes that look like this at a lot of other places." That's chef Preston Phillips, explaining his favorite dish on the menu at GRIND kitchen + watering hole.

What makes it so good?

"You can't beat the chicken from Boulder Natural. It's the cleanest tasting chicken I've had. I remember what chicken used to taste like when I was a little kid. It wasn't pumped full of anything; Boulder Natural's birds taste like that."

To give him a little more credit, it's also just prepared pretty perfectly. He gets whole chickens and cuts them in half, making only two orders out of it (remember: overwhelming portions). He brines it for four hours, then dunks the pieces in buttermilk and then a spiced flour. The pieces are then fried to order, plated while hot, glistening with a little grease and topped with pickles.

The chicken is served on a silver platter, literally. A normal plate wouldn't be big enough to hold it all. There are sea island red peas on top of gold rice in one side dish and chard in another. Both are, of course, made with bacon. "I could have done a macaroni and cheese, but I want people to try new things. These are two, 'to the bone' Southern side dishes," says Phillips.

The chicken is on the menu for $24 during dinner. It doesn't appear on the lunch menu, but if you ask for it during lunch hours, it will only cost you $20.