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The Inventive Lemon Cavatelli at Telegraph

The lemon-infused ricotta cavatelli sings at Telegraph neighborhood bistro and bar

This dish isn't executive sous chef Craig Field's first version of cavatelli for Telegraph's menu. In the colder months, they served a pasta made with rye, served alongside figs and a pecan pesto.

The lemon rendition is perfect for spring, highlighting a lighter flavor and helping the country ham from Benton's stand out. "I wanted the ham to stand out, so I created the dish to really accentuate that flavor." And this isn't just any ham. Benton's Country Ham is renowned as some of the best in the country, and Field says it is one of the only things they always have in their kitchen.

Those supporting characters to the ham are of course the lemon ricotta cavatelli, mustard greens, chili flakes, butter and salt, all cooked in a broth made from parmesan rinds. Thin shavings of the cheese top off the dish.

"The pasta is light and fluffy. It's a super homey dish; it's humble and very flavorful."

Get it at Telegraph during dinner service Monday through Saturday.


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