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Vegan Revenge Sparked by Cheeky Indian Hills Community Sign

Theft, puns, social media wars: This community sign marquee battle has it all


"Turning vegan would be a big missed steak," a roadside sign in Indian Hills, Colorado read on April 11. What seemed to be a simple, carnivore-sympathizing pun turned into a bit of a debacle. Two vegan-advocating women driving by took it upon themselves to rearrange the letters on the sign to read:

They also proceeded to steal the additional letters, causing a serious beef with the sign's administrators and the community of Indian Hills. The Indian Hills Community Sign Facebook page called for retribution to the letter thieves in the form of cow death that very same day:

Our Sign was "vandalized" today, unfortunately they also stole our letters..... (the vegan sympathizers have 24hrs to return the letters or another cow DIES!!!)

Then things got really interesting.The identities of the thieves were revealed to the Facebook world and one of them turned out to be a restaurant owner:

SIGN THEFT: We now have names and proof of who stole the sign letters. We have made contact with them and they have been less than pleasant! Instead of saying they would return the letters, they told us to go buy more (we're a non-profit! no money!) So we thought we would share that information with all of you lovely sign fans so you can let them know what you think about them stealing the sign letters. The first thief is Teri Font (owner of Handy Diner on Downing in Denver ( (Teri's personal page: And the Second and VERY NASTY thief is Marina Laurel ( ------ LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THEIR THIEVERY!!!

Humorous commentary ensued:

Shows that anemia causes brain damage.

Jesus, this broad just screams 'Daddy left before I could finish counseling about that one time he flushed my pet goldfish before I'd said goodbye'.

I would like to thank Teri Dactyl and Marina Laurel for inspiring me. Because of them I decided to rub a cow today. I rubbed it all over my toast points. It was YUMMY!

More drama than Bold & the Beautiful.

The letters were returned and no information was given on how exactly that happened. One thing is certain: The shenanigans and puns continue: