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Eat Now: The Raw Brussels Salad at Gozo

A very literal fresh take on the usually fried Brussels sprouts

"I think there has been an overall obsession with Brussels sprouts in the past ten years in this country," says Marissa Hardman, head chef at Gozo. Rather than shy away, she came up with something completely different than what others are doing.

Her version keeps the Brussels raw, just shaved. "I think people's first thought is that this vegetable needs to be cooked, but if it's soaking in something, like our vinaigrette, it tenderizes and is really edible raw."

The salad is one of the restaurants top sellers and very simple. The citrus vinaigrette is house-made: shallots, orange juice, oil, lemon zest, vinegar, and mustard. The shaved sprouts are tossed in a deconstructed hard-boiled egg: whites first, then yolks. Then chef adds pecorino cheese, Marcona almonds, and the dressing.

It's served in a heaping pile on the plate, with more cheese sprinkled on top. "We are using high-minded ingredients, so even though it's simple, it has a following here."

She describes Gozo as a neighborhood restaurant and people who work at other local establishments come in daily for it. You can add protein to it for a bigger meal, like chicken, salmon, or steak.

Get it at lunch, happy hour, or dinner every day of the week except Monday.


30 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209 (720) 638-1462 Visit Website