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Social-Spot Starling Wine & Whiskey Bar Joins Upcoming Stanley Marketplace

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The specialty shop is slotted to join the community marketplace

Starling Wine & Whiskey Bar
Starling Wine & Whiskey Bar
Official Website

Brainchild of owners Matt Miles and Chantell Taylor, the upcoming Starling Wine & Whiskey Bar is planned as an approachable venue serving drinks, complemented by meats, cheeses, and more. Set in the highly anticipated Stanley Marketplace, the soon-to-open attraction focuses on well-matched pairings selected by local sommeliers, cheesemongers, pastry chefs, and chocolatiers.

"There is no better way to bridge communities than by creating a welcoming place to gather and experience new foods and libations," said Miles. "We’ll take the mystery out of wine and whiskey, which some patrons can find overwhelming, when faced with extensive menus and unfamiliar varietals."

The name of the upcoming bar comes from the starling, a bird seen as being particularly social. The logo features a bird wearing a top hat, because "we never want to take ourselves too seriously," said Miles.

The Stanley is set to open this summer.

Stanley Marketplace

2501 Dallas Street, , CO 80010 (720) 990-6743 Visit Website