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Rockstar April Fools Pranks: Hairball Beer, Unicorn Coffee

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And cream and sugar for sale at a popular coffee shop

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Early morning on April 1, the weary knew to look out for sneaky pranksters ready to pounce. But whether you bought them or not, these three tricks were clever enough for a great laugh.

The New Belgium team introduced their newest beer, the Hairball Hefeweizen. With a killer logo and a better story, this was like a train wreck you could not look away from.

Inspired by our friends who cough up what they shovel down, Hairball Hefeweizen is brewed to be enjoyed by you and your meowing companion alike. Kick back with a Hairball hefe and see what the cat dragged in.

It's rolling out of the brewery as we type, but won't hit your local shop for another couple weeks. Not to worry, as we've got just the thing to get you prepped for its arrival (see the video below).

Huckleberry Roasters introduced the WHITE LIGHTNING BLEND on Friday through its website and the new blend brought everything together from kittens to unicorns and beer.

Here is the description:

Welcome the newest addition to our coffee blend line-up, White Lightning.

What's more cute and cuddly than a 12oz bag of coffee? Nothing.

Well, something. How about a 12oz bag of coffee with kittens, unicorns, rainbows, and beer? Our new blend targets the early stage coffee drinker.

By breaking into the tween market, we hope to expand our sales growth by over 25%!

Not to mention, our mentions and likes on Snap Chat, Kik, Iffy, Vine, and WhatsApp will be through the roof... and that's what is really important.

We even added fake paint splats in the background to appeal to a slightly younger than tween demographic, although the beer might backfire with that crowd. We've done years of market research and look forward to being enjoyed by 9-12 year olds across the country.

Hello Kitty and Lisa Frank enthusiasts rejoice because Huckleberry Roasters finally has something for you!

Black Black Coffee, inspired by coffee guru Noah Price (owner of Crema Coffee House), hosted a creative pop-up on Friday: Cream and Sugar. Each item was $1, both for $2.

Black Black Coffee owner Josh McNeilly has a bit of a reputation for his discouragement of tainting what he sees as perfect coffee. In the coffee issue of 5280 Magazine, McNeilly shared this pet peeve: "When someone asks for a sweetener or cream before they even try the coffee. The way coffee is nowadays, especially in craft shops, there’s more emphasis on the culinary experience, so it’s nice to show respect to the people behind the brew. If the taste isn’t your favorite, feel free to add after you sip."

Disclosure: The editor is married to one of the developers behind Taxi, the development in which Black Black Coffee resides.

Huckleberry Roasters

4301 North Pecos Street, , CO 80211 (866) 558-2201 Visit Website

New Belgium Brewery

500 Linden Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524 970 221 0524 Visit Website

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